Our Coaches

As a sales manager, business leader or an aspiring one, you are on a continuous drive for performance improvement. This fast-moving world is challenging you to keep up or stay ahead.

How do you align you and your team in an environment buffeted by constant change?

The temptation is to work harder but eventually the sacrifices and limits start to show. Is there another way?

My clients are challenged to break down their goals then return to their fundamental drivers in an iterative process to establish smarter goals and objectives. My process is routed in the reality the clients are living day to day and we probe through your experience, your knowledge and your ideas to develop new options to accelerate performance. We turn the goals into clear actions with rigorous follow up. By strongly advocating Customer Centricity, I help leaders and organizations prioritize in ways that will generate lasting value. By working smarter we move from reactive behavior to strategic thinking, aligning our teams to goals and bringing new energy to achievable targets that really make a difference.

The outcome is a new mindset for the client to drive themselves and their teams to new levels of performance. I will restore your confidence in your management skills in a work-life context that is manageable and rewarding.
I grew up in the UK and studied Chemical Engineering at Cambridge University. I joined a global oilfield services company and gained worldwide B2B service delivery and sales experience in a variety of cultures. I learned Spanish from my wife, who is Colombian and I can coach in English or Spanish. We have juggled career and international moves while raising three children, two of whom are now teenagers.

I value a coaching management style and formalized this becoming a certified executive coach. The process has been transformative personally and professionally. I enjoy meeting and working with new people and helping them achieve their full potential.